Inaugural STOC Best Student Presentation Award

For the first time there will be a Best Student Presentation Award at STOC.

To be eligible for the award, a candidate must

  1. Give a talk at STOC on a paper for which he/she is an author.
  2. Have been a graduate student at the time of submission of the paper to STOC.
The paper may have non-student authors.

Only the quality of the presentation itself will be judged, not the quality of results in the paper being presented. Presentations that are clear, compelling and appeal to a broad cross-section of the STOC audience will be given preference.

Session chairs will nominate talks for the award. The award will be judged by a committee consisting of Andrew McGregor, Ryan O'Donnell and Rahul Santhanam, based on viewing of the videos of the talks.

The award will be announced soon after the videos of the talks are available, with the presentation of the award being made at the business meeting of the following STOC conference. The winner will receive a check for $250, courtesy of SIGACT.