Conference Hotel

New Yorker Hotel
481 Eighth Avenue (Google Map)
New York, NY 10001
Direct telephone: +1 212 971 0101
Toll-free reservations (US and Canada): 866 800 3088

Booking a Room

You can book a room at the New Yorker Hotel at:

You can also book a room by calling 212-971-0101, extension 2, and asking for the block of rooms for the Association for Computing Machinery, or by giving the code CGACMS.

The special rate is $209 for one person and $225 for two.
**The special rate is no longer available at the New Yorker Hotel.**

If you need help finding someone to share a room with, please contact Kshitij Bansal:
kshitij AT cs DOT nyu DOT edu.

Getting to The New Yorker Hotel

The New Yorker (at the corner of West 34th St. and 8th Ave.) is optimally located regarding all forms of transportation except private automobiles. Penn Station, where Amtrak trains arrive, is one block away. Make sure you exit Penn Station on its 8th Ave. side. If you take Boltbus or Megabus, the bus will drop you off either at the hotel itself or a few blocks away. The Port Authority Bus Terminal, which Greyhound serves, is seven short blocks away. (North-south blocks in New York are uniformly 1/20-mile long and take about one minute to walk. East-west blocks, of non-uniform length, are long and take about four minutes to walk.)

How to get to the New Yorker from the airports:

  • Coming from JFK: You can take a cab (about $60 and one hour), but there's no good reason to, since the train will take you to Penn Station, which is one short block from the New Yorker. It'll take about an hour and cost about $12. Specifically, take the $5 AirTrain from JFK to Jamaica Station. There, transfer to Long Island Railroad (making sure you buy your roughly $7 ticket before boarding the train) to Penn Station, New York.

    There is a cheaper way, however. Take the $5 AirTrain to Jamaica station and then take the E line on the subway to the 42nd St. stop, which is literally at the hotel. Slower, this way will cost you $7.50 at most, $7.25 if you buy the MetroCard for the subway at the same time that you buy your AirTrain ticket. I always take Long Island Railroad, though, since it's faster and more pleasant.

  • Coming from Laguardia: A cab will cost about $40 and take about 40 minutes in traffic. Other ways: Take the M60 bus from Laguardia, continuing through Queens into Manhattan, getting off at 125th St. and St. Nicholas Ave. Transfer (for free) to the A or C train south, getting off at the 34th St. stop, which is literally at the hotel's door. Make sure you ask for a free transfer if you pay your M60 bus fare in cash (coins only, no bills); if you pay with a Metrocard, the transfer is free and automatic. This way will take about 75 minutes (and is the least pleasant).

  • Coming from Newark: A cab will cost something like $60. What I suggest: Take the AirTrain monorail (free) to the New Jersey Transit station and catch New Jersey Transit ($12.50) into New York Penn Station, making sure not to get off at "Newark Penn Station" by mistake, and then walk one block north to the hotel. Remember to exit Penn Station on the 8th Ave. side.