STOC 2014: 46th Annual Symposium on the Theory of Computing

Travel Information (by Howard Karloff)

Visa Support Letters

For information on how to obtain a visa support letter, please visit:

Getting to New York

You can fly to New York, of course, but you may not have to. Specifically, if you're coming from anywhere between Boston and Washington, DC, you should consider Amtrak or a bus company. For information on how to get from train/bus terminals and airports to the conference hotel, please see the Hotels tab.

By Air

If you do fly, there are three airports: Laguardia (LGA), JFK (also known as JFK), and Newark (EWR). Laguardia is the closest, so if you plan to take a cab from the airport, choose Laguardia. If you plan to take public transit, which is better in New York than in any other American city, then all three are about equally distant in time, though JFK is probably the easiest. If you do fly to or from Laguardia, I suggest you book a window seat on the left side, from which there's a good chance you will be treated to a magnificent view of Manhattan on your descent or ascent.

By Train

The Northeast Corridor is the only portion of the country where we Americans get decent intercity rail service. (In fact, on my recent trip to Boston, the Acela Express I was on briefly hit a maximum speed of 153 miles per hour.) Visit for more information.

By Bus

Because New York is so populous, there are numerous competing bus companies offering service to New York. I recommend Megabus ( and BoltBus ( Their buses usually provide free WIFI and possibly electrical outlets.