TheoryFest 2022 Call for Workshops

Important Dates

Submission deadline: February 15, 2022
Notification:February 22, 2022
Workshops held during TheoryFest: June 20–24, 2022

TheoryFest 2022 will hold workshops during the conference week, June 20–24, 2022. We invite groups of interested researchers to submit workshop proposals.

The TheoryFest workshops will provide an informal forum for researchers to discuss important research questions, directions and challenges in the field, as well as a venue to invite new researchers to an area. They will begin with a tutorial, and will continue with research talks or other events highlighting recent results and new directions. We encourage workshops that focus on connections between theoretical computer science and other areas.


  • Workshops will typically span three days, about three hours per day. (So, about nine hours of total content).
  • Each workshop should begin with a tutorial, aimed at inviting graduate students and non-experts to the field and hopefully preparing them to engage with the later talks. We suggest that the tutorial take up most or all of the first day of the workshop.
  • After the tutorial, the organizers can decide about a mix of invited talks and/or events such as open problem sessions or social events.

Proposal Submission

Workshop and tutorial proposals should, ideally, fit within two pages. Please include a list of names and email addresses of the organizers, a brief description of the topic and the goals of the workshop, and the format (what mix of tutorial, invited talks or other events) and proposed or tentatively confirmed speakers if known. Feel free to contact the Workshops Committee (listed below) directly with questions.

Submission Instructions

Proposals should be submitted by February 15, 2022 via email to with the subject line “STOC 22 Workshop Proposal”. Proposers will be notified by February 15, 2022 whether their proposals have been accepted.

Workshop Committee:

  • Shuchi Chawla (chair,
  • Fabrizio Grandoni (
  • Yael Kalai (
  • Rocco Servedio (
  • Mary Wootters (