List of accepted Posters for STOC 2013 Poster Session

Matrix Multiplicative Weights Algorithm with O(n^2) per Round Complexity
Milosh Drezgich

Computational theoretic lower bounds in sparse PCA	
Philippe Rigollet 

Using secure multi-party computation for interdomain routing	
Debayan Gupta

Solving Linear Programming with Constraints Unknown	
Xiaohui Bei, Ning Chen

Vertex Deletion for 3D Delaunay Triangulations	
Okke Schrijvers

A Sub-Quadratic Algorithm for Euclidean Bipartite Matching of Planar Points with Bounded Integer Coordinates	
R. Sharathkumar

Fourier sparsity, spectral norm, and the Log-rank conjecture	
Shengyu Zhang 

Tractability results on the Consecutive Ones property with multiplicity	
Ashok Rajaraman

Bicriteria Online Matching: Maximizing Weight and Cardinality	
Morteza Zadimoghaddam

Dimension Independent Matrix Square using MapReduce	
Reza Zadeh

The Complexity of the Comparator Circuit Value Problem	
Yuval Filmus

A Polynomial and Yet Simple Synchronous Byzantine Agreement Algorithm	
Achour Mostefaoui 

Optimal and Near-Optimal Mechanism Design with Interdependent Values	
Inbal Talgam-Cohen

Robust dynamic hedging
Zhenming Liu, Henry Lam

Hamiltonian complexity of Trefoil knot transformations	
Omar Shehab

Towards an Understanding of Polynomial Calculus: New Separations and Lower Bounds	
Marc Vinyals

Small Space to Small Width in Resolution	
Mladen Miksa 

Sample-Optimal Average-Case Sparse Fourier Transform in Two Dimensions
Piotr Indyk

The Komlos Conjecture Holds for Vector Colorings	
Aleksandar Nikolov

Exact Weight Subgraphs and the k-Sum Conjecture 	
Amir Abboud and Kevin Lewi

Group Isomorphism: Towards an Efficient Algorithm and Small-space Heuristics
Bangsheng Tang