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Grants for Graduate Students to goto STOC 2010

SIGACT supports student travel to STOC. For STOC 2010, SIGACT anticipates making up to $25,000 of Student Travel Awards, depending in part on available external funding. These awards are for needy students to help cover expenses related to attending STOC 2010. Preference will be given to students who are STOC authors, though all students needing support are encoraged to apply.

To apply email the information listed below to William Gasarch by March 26, 2010. The email address is Please use the following subject line: “STOC10 travel award”. The email has to be a pdf file.

Include the following in your email in this order:

  1. Title of paper, if you are an author.
  2. Will you be presenting the paper?
  3. University name and country.
  4. A detailed expense list, in US dollars. If Registration and Hotel are not posted yet you can estimate or say + hotel and/or + registration.
  5. Other travel funds that are available to you.
  6. A statement from your advisor on availability of travel funds (note: vague statements such as “funds are tight” are not informative).
  7. SIGACT encourages applications from members of underrepresented groups for these awards. (Optional) Please indicate if you are part of such a group.
  8. (For non-authors only.) A short statement describing you academic standing and interests, your expected
    graduation date and degree, advisor’s name, and, if available, a URL for a working Web page. Also indicate whether and when you have attended previous major theory conferences (e.g. STOC and FOCS).

This information will be used to prioritize the awards. The awards will be announced shortly after the deadline. Late applications will not be accepted.

You should receive an email acknowledging your application within 3 week days. If not, please resubmit or contact William Gasarch by some other means.

Student travel to STOC 2010 is supported by ACM SIGACT and the National Science Foundation, Grant No. CCF-0923716.