STOC 2009

Athena Lecture

Shafi Goldwasser is this year's recipient of ACM's Athena Lecture Award. This award celebrates outstanding women researchers who have made fundamental contributions to computer science. We are honored that she will be presenting the Athena Lecture at STOC, on Sunday, May 31.

Les Valiant Birthday Celebration

On Saturday, May 30 a celebration in honor of Les Valiant's 60th Birthday will take place throughout the day at the STOC conference hotel. Here is the Preliminary Program. Below is a list of speakers.

For further information please contact Rocco Servedio or Salil Vadhan.

Workshop on Theory and Many-Cores (T&MC)

On Friday, May 29, there will be a workshop on the campus of the University of Maryland, College Park (which is a 12-mile drive from Bethesda) devoted to the exploration of opportunities for theoretical computer science research and education in the emerging era of many-core computing, and develop understanding of the role that theory should play in it. For further information on the workshop please see the Workshop Announcement.

List of speakers.

Participants in the T&MC workshop will be able to get the STOC rates at the STOC hotel, the Hyatt Regency Bethesda, starting May 28, 2009, by just mentioning the STOC conference. If you come only to the workshop, it is better to stay much closer to the University of Maryland.

For further information please contact Uzi Vishkin.

Workshop on Complexity and Cryptography

Immediately after STOC, from Wednesday June 3 to Friday June 5, there will be a workshop on Complexity and Cryptography: Status of Impagliazzo's Worlds at the Princeton Center for Computational Intractability. There are openings for just a few more participants. If you are interested in attending, register and book your hotel room as soon as possible. For further information see the Workshop Web Page.

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