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Workshop: Visions for Theoretical Computer Science

On May 17, 2008 (the day before STOC 08 in Victoria, BC), there will be a "visioning" workshop at the University of Washington in Seattle. The workshop is funded by the Computing Community Consortium, and is supported by the SIGACT Committee for the Advancement of Theoretical Computer Science. The goals of the visioning workshop will be to:

  • Identify broad research themes within theoretical computer science (TCS) that have potential for a major impact in the future, &
  • Distill these research directions into compelling "nuggets" that can quickly convey their importance to a layperson.

The main purpose of these nuggets will be to help the CCC and others argue for the importance of computing research, and TCS in particular, to a variety of audiences. Some may also inspire the development of new centers or large-scale research activities (as might be funded by the new NSF Expeditions in Computing program), and others may be broadened and inspire entirely new programs (similarly to the way the NSF CDI program was inspired by 06-07 workshops on CS as a Lens on the Sciences).

  • Organizers: Bernard Chazelle, Anna Karlin, Richard Ladner, Dick Lipton, and Salil Vadhan
  • Program.
  • Vision Nuggets (as they develop). We welcome your input even if you did not attend!
  • Confirmed Participants. There might be room for a couple more participants; email tcsvisions AT if you are interested.
  • Logistics.

If you have any questions, please email tcsvisions AT

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