Recommended Restaurants (Updated)

Seattle has many wonderful restaurants. Relative to the hotel, there are 3 relevant "neighborhoods": downtown (the "business district"), Belltown (where the "yuppies" live) and Capitol Hill (where the "cool" and/or "young" live). For random restaurant searching, anywhere in the Pike Place Market area, Belltown or Capitol Hill are your best bets. To reach the main drag in Belltown, just head north on 1st (starting at Pike) or north on 2nd (starting at Virginia). To reach the part of Capitol Hill that is closer to the restaurant and will have cheaper and occasionally funkier restaurants, head east on Pike or Pine and start looking when you get to Boren.

Restaurants in order of decreasing price within relatively short walking distance of hotel

All of the restaurants listed here are walking distance to the hotel and are "can't go wrong" kind of places. They are all fairly popular as well, so you'd be advised to try to make a reservation. They all have either high recent Zagat ratings and/or are "approved" by the local arrangements chairs. We haven't given a lot of detail though because we haven't been to any of them lately, but last time we were there, they were great. These restaurants are listed more or less in order of decreasing price (with an estimate, when available, of the price of dinner with one drink and tip). There are few extra categories listed below: (1) if you are going out for lunch, (2) cheaper options (usually farther away) and (3) a few vegetarian only options (though virtually every restaurant in Seattle has some decent vegetarian options). If you're willing/interested in driving somewhere for dinner and need some suggestions, ask us.

Some cheaper options (often a bit further away)

These are in order of approximately increasing distance from the hotel.

Some exclusively vegetarian options, only a bus/cab ride away

Some good options for lunch/brunch: