As an experiment in new directions for STOC, a Rump Session will be held at STOC '98. The session is scheduled for 4:15--5:45 on Monday 25 May. (This falls between the afternoon break (3:40--4:15) and the banquet (buses leave at 6:00).) The session will provide a forum for 18 brief (5 minute) presentations. The 18 slots will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, and the 5 minute time limit will be ruthlessly enforced.

Those wishing to make a presentation at the Rump Session should sign up for a time slot at the Registration Desk after they have picked up their registration material. No slots will be allocated at any other place or time. A list of presentations (with name of presenter and title of presentation) will be posted prior to the session. Preprints, abstracts, or other written materials supplied by presenters may be distributed at the back of the room, but if this is done, care should be taken to provide enough copies so that disorderly competition for copies will not occur.

Nick Pippenger
Rump Session Chair*

*Associate left-to-right, please.

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