Hotel Information for STOC 95

This document contains information on hotels for STOC 95. More telephone numbers are available in a separate list. Some rough text maps are also available. The city of Las Vegas has more information on hotels available online.

DISCLAIMER: All prices for accommodation are not necessarily current. Please call the hotels for up-to-date information.


  • Center Strip Attractions
  • Small Inns Near the Tropicana

    Major Hotel Casinos Near the Tropicana

    This is a listing of the major properties at <a href="4corners.html"="">Four Corners.


    More pictures of the Tropicana are available.

    Polynesian Theme. The front entrance features two huge Easter-Island style heads. The casino is located in the main tower. Convention space is in the Island Tower, about 200 yards from the Main tower, connected by a causeway over the tropical lagoon area equipped with airport-style moving belts.

    There is no gambling in the Island Tower, and all STOC 95 participants who register at the Tropicana will be housed there.

    From the airport, catch a van. It is about 2 miles. By car, take Interstate 15 to the Tropicana exit. Turn East, past the Excalibur cross the Strip (Las Vegas Blvd) and make an right turn just past the hotel.

    Conference participants, $75 for 1 or 2 persons, $87 for 3 persons. 2000 rooms. 739-2645 or 800-634-4000.


    West of the Trop, and connected by a Skywalk over Las Vegas Boulevard, this 4000-room medieval-theme hotel casino features fun for the whole family. For $25, eat with your fingers in King Arthur's arena, and then cheer your knight to victory in the jousting. Two shows nightly, 6:30 and 8:00. Reservations are a must. Free shows every half-hour on the Jester Stage at the Medieval Village level. Arcade at the Fantasy Fair level (no gambling at either of those levels). If you bring the family, this is the place.

    Midweek $49 up to 4 persons. 4000 rooms. 597-7777 or 800-937-7777.


    Ancient Egyptian theme. Directly South of Excalibur and connectd by Skytrain. (Walking is much faster.) Shaped like a pyramid, and with a better-than-the-real one Sphinx in front (this one has a nose) which was featured on the cover of TIME Magazine. Ride a Nile Riverboad around the circumference of the casino. Descend into the Lost City, an archaelogical site discovered 8000 feet beneath the surface.

    Midweek $59 up to 2 persons. 2500 rooms. 262-4000 or 800-288-1000.


    Spanish-American theme. Directly South of the Luxor. Famous for its buffet, which is $6.95 and includes wine and prime rib.

    Midweek $48 up to 2 persons. 1100 rooms. 739-8111 or 800-634-6713.

    San Remo

    Directly East of the Tropicana, on the same block.

    Midweek $59 up to 2 adults. 700 rooms. 739-9000 or 800-522-7366.

    MGM Grand

    The Lion of Las Vegas. Bring your hiking boots. From the Lion entrance, directly North of the Trop and connected by a Skywalk over Tropicana Avenue, to the farthest point in the Theme Park, is a mile. Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion greet you. The Wizard in his balloon gives his departing speech. The Wicked Witch of the West screeches. A comedian in a bar tell the same jokes 24 hours a day. 33 acre theme park, $25 buys you an all-day ticket, come and go. The check-in area is as large as some entire hotels I've seen. The Food Court features Milanese, Chinese, Southwest, Old English, etc., as well as MacDonalds and a number of other fast food outlets.

    Midweek $79 up to 2 adults. 5000 rooms. 891-1111 or 800-929-1111.

    Center Strip Attractions

    A short walk North of Four Corners is the Central part of the Strip, crowded with major hotel-casinos, including the one that created the Strip, mobster Bugsy Siegel's Flamingo, now the Flamingo Hilton.

    Caesar's Palace

    Classic Roman Theme. Just over one mile North of Four Corners.


    Just North of Caesar's Palace. Indoor rain forest. White tiger and dolphin habitats. Exquisite buffet for $9.95. Volcano erupts every 15 minutes.

    Treasure Island

    Pirate Theme. Just North of the Mirage. In Mutiny Bay, see a pirate crew battle a British Man'o'War in a 15-minute show held every 90 minutes.

    Small Inns Near the Tropicana

    Four Corners is the Southernmost anchor of that part of the Strip that features the big hotel-casinos. Up until recently, it was a mostly vacant approach to the main part of the strip, and was lined with small motels of the sort that one finds everywhere along main highways in the countryside.

    These tiny places seem quite incongruous next to the mighty Excalibur and MGM Grand, and in the long run they will surely be torn down to make room for giant new properties, but at this time, they offer rooms that are cheap and close.

    In each case, the rate given is the cheapest quote I got for one person in mid-week. For most Las Vegas hotels, mid-week rates apply Sunday through Thursday, and weekend rates Friday and Saturday, and are typically twice as much. In some of the smaller hotels, weekend rates are determined online, i.e., that very Friday morning.

    NR = no reservations
    R = reservations
    RC = reservations can be held with credit card

    Name of Inn		Miles	Phones		Rate
    East Side of the Strip, South of Four Corners:
    White Sands Motel	0.3
    Happi Inn		0.5
    Olympus Inn		0.5
    Motel 8			0.6	798-7223	25 NR
    Sunbird Inn		0.7	739-1915	30 RC
    Fez Motel		0.8	736-6014	20 NR
    Royal Oasis Motor Inn	0.9
    Diamond Inn		0.9	736-2565	26 NR
    Glass Pool Inn		1.0	739-6636	24 NR
      (Has pool with windows)	800-527-7118
    Casa Malaga		1.0	739-8362	25 RC
    Silver Sands Motel	1.0
    Cardinal Motel		1.1
    Polyanna Motel		1.1
    Klondike Inn and Casino	1.2	739-9351	29 RC (1 month in advance)
    East Side of the Strip, North of Four Corners:
    Full Moon Motel		0.3	736-0055	24 R (cash deposit only)
    Polo Towers and Casino	0.4	261-1000	79 RC
    Travellodge South Strip	0.5	736-3443	49 RC
    Tahiti			0.6
    West Side of the Strip, North of Four Corners:
    Rodeway Inn		0.2	736-1434	55 RC
    La Quinta Inn		0.2
    Desert Rose Motel	0.2	739-6739	37 R
      (Pets welcome)		736-6000	(must arrive by 6)
    Boardwalk Hotel		0.4	735-1167	35 RC
      and Casino			800-635-4581
      ($6.95 16 oz Porterhouse Steak.  $1 Blackjack.)
    Center Strip Inn	0.7	739-6066	30 RC
    Miscellaneous Locations near the Tropicana
    Motel 6			0.2	798-0728
      Corner Tropicana and Koval, East of the San Remo, same block as Tropicana
    Comfort Inn South	0.3	736-3600
      Corner Koval and Reno, South of Motel 6, same block as the Tropicana

    Created by Ian Parberry, December 9, 1994.